Letter From Our Chair...

Letter from our Chair:

According to the Lumina Foundation:

“There is a wealth of evidence that increased educational attainment improves health, lowers crime rates, and yields citizens who are both globally aware and participate more in civic and democratic processes such as voting and volunteering, all of which have enormous implications for our democracy.”

As it prepares to enter twelve years of operation, AGUILA Youth Leadership Institute has been the force to lift more than 1,000 Arizona students to 87 colleges and universities across the country.  With more than $75 million in private scholarships beyond federal packages, the past 10 cohorts have taken flight in pursuit of a college degree. AGUILA is Spanish for Eagle however AGUILITAS, as they are lovingly referred to, truly learn and live by the concept of “Flying like Geese”.  AGUILITAS recognize the power in the force of the AGUILA Family with lessons learned from geese:

  • When geese fly together, each goose provides additional lift and reduces air resistance for the goose flying behind it. AGUILITAS work together harmoniously, sharing common values and a common destination recognizing they will all arrive at the destination quicker and easier, because they are lifted up by the energy and enthusiasm of one another.
  • Geese rotate leadership. AGUILITAS learn, encourage and share leadership roles recognizing the importance of serving as a leader as well as follower.
  • Geese help each other. AGUILITAS share a common “Sense of Belonging” within a familial environment that promotes care and concern for each other. 

AGUILA’s success has tremendous implications for Arizona’s future through the education of our youth.  Please consider joining us for an unforgettable event, May 6, 2016 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm through your generous sponsorship (see attached Sponsorship Package). We are thrilled to share and recognize a strong line-up of community leaders in the following individuals and institutions:

  • Edmundo Hidalgo, Vice-President of Community Outreach, Arizona State University
  • Dr. Leeann Lawlor, Assistant Superintendent, Cartwright School District
  • Northern Arizona University
  • Diana Garcia (AGUILA Alum, 2009) Hispanic Marketing/Google
  • Dr. Jorge Morales (AGUILA Alum, 2006) Maricopa County Medical Center

AGUILA Youth Leadership is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  You will be contacted soon by AGUILA Staff to discuss your participation. We look forward to seeing you this unforgettable event!  

With Gratitude,

Tony Moya                

Tony Moya              
Salt River Project           
Chair/2016 AGUILA Luncheon        

3030 N. 3rd Street, Suite 1260  

Phoenix, Arizona 85012  

(602) 518-0612