Our Mission

To empower and prepare youth for college admission and graduation through a unique approach based upon a greater cultural understanding as a guide to personal, academic and professional excellence as future leaders.

Our Approach

AGUILA Youth Leadership Institute is a unique college access organization carefully designed to serve a growing number of youth navigate through their academic, personal and professional world.  The Institute provides a comprehensive support system to ensure the success of each student through a personalized plan. Adult professionals contribute to students who journey through a holistic approach that values their unique stories, goals and aspirations.  While the preparation for college must include the fundamentals of developing writing skills, preparing for tests and more, AGUILA believes inclusion of the arts, literature, civic engagement, social justice, service learning, health and wellness are equally important in developing successful students.

AGUILA is more than a college preparation experience. Our students discover a sense of self and connectedness that contribute to their success.
— Rosemary Ybarra-Hernandez, CEO